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  1. Beware - bad experience with a new hairdresser at Trotters

    HI, I just took my 2 year old son to Trotters on Northcote Road to get his hair cut. I've been going to Trotters to get both of my son's hair cut, buy shoes etc for a while now and we've always had a really good experience. My son really doesn't like getting his hair cut but Sally who we usually see always manages to do an amazing cut and is fantastic with children and understands that they don't just sit still. Today we had a new male hairdresser and he was horrendous and that is being polite! My son was being really good, sitting still (which was a break through for us!) and by normal children's haircut standards it should have been relatively easy cut (I know they can sometimes be very tricky - it took 45 minutes one time at happy faces and I was very stressed by the end of it!). Anyway the hairdresser clearly had very little experience of cutting children's hair, visibly getting annoyed - rolling eyes, tutting, being rough moving his head into position etc!. Towards the end of the cut my son started to get uncomfortable as he had hair all over his face and we didn't have any wet wipes to try and wipe the hair away. The hairdresser didn't even try to move the hair from his face and help us. I honestly am quite shocked at how someone like him could get a job in Trotters and more to the point working with children. I have emailed Trotters to let them know what a bad experience we have just had so will wait to see what they say. But be warned, if you go there check who is cutting your little one's hair first! any suggestions.? Please help. I did not find the right solution from the internet. References:- https://nappyvalleynet.com/community/viewtopic.php?t=1905 Animated explainer video production agency Thanks
  2. HI, I am in desperate need of some blond highlights - which i have been avoiding doing here in Stgo - hey, all women hate changing hairdressers don't they? Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a hair salon that is used to fine light coloured hair-types? happy new year and i hope you can help. Please help. I did not find the right solution from the internet. References:- https://www.allchile.net/viewtopic.php?t=3712 Creative video production agency Thanks